Meet Dr. Janet Seahorn

Janet Seahorn, Ph.D has been a teacher, administrator, and consultant for over thirty years. She currently teaches a variety of classes on neuroscience and literacy as an adjunct professor for Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. Jan has a Ph.D in Human Development and Organizational Systems. Her background includes an in-depth understanding of human development and neuroscience research as well as effective practices in organizational systems and change. She conducts workshops on the neuroscience of learning and memory, the effects of “at-risk” environments (i.e., poverty), brain development, and researched-based instructional practices. Jan has worked with many organizations in the business and educational communities in creating and sustaining healthy, dynamic environments.   Dr. Seahorn has researched and studied the effects of trauma on the brain and how excessive or extreme trauma can impact changes in the brain’s neuro network and how that change impacts behaviors in social/emotional interactions. Janet and her husband have co-authored a book, Tears of a Warrior: A Family’s Story of Combat and Living with PTSD.  Tears of a Warrior is being used in military hospitals and veteran centers across the United States.  The vast majority of the books have been donated in order to support the healing of families and veterans impacted by their military experiences.  She has recently completed two additional books: When Crap Happens Grow Zucchini: A Book on How to Live with Dying and Appreciate the Crap, Foul Wisdom: Identifying the Turkeys and Eagles in your Organization and Life.