Meet Patrice Palmer

Patrice M Palmer currently serves as an academic advisor for the College of Business at Colorado State University as well as an instructor under the Management Department. tHEy are also the faculty advisor for Business Diversity Leadership Alliance (BDLA) a student organization within the College of Business. Both their Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Science with emphasis in Sociology and there Master of Arts degree in Social Justice with emphasis in Educational Equity were earned at Marygrove College in Detroit, MI. Patrice has written and presented on the topic of intersectionality as well as facilitated dialogues and discussions around inclusion, diversity and leadership. As a black, queer, Transmasculine individual, Patrice believes that visibility matters. Living authentically, unapologetically and wholly are just a few of the ways that tHEy prefer to engage within systems that have historically oppressed and suppressed individuals like them with similar identities.